aerial 11 x 17 JPEG
Fairview Forest in a heat island
Partridge Berry (with droplet of ice!) Mitchella repens
Fairview Forest Vernal Pool panorama
red trillium 3
sky view
fall sky view
ground cedar fall 2

Save Fairview Forest

is a not-for-profit community organization

working to save one of the last remaining forests in Pointe-Claire.

Cadillac-Fairview Corporation, owner of the land west of Fairview Shopping Centre, presented
a preliminary plan to the media in October 2020 that would have all but 5-8 acres of the forest clearcut to make way for 5 000 condos, businesses, restaurants and hotels.

Over 20 acres have trees more than 115 years old. Cadillac-Fairview promises to keep 5-10 acres of the forest. However, they are obliged to do it by law. In any case, this won’t make up for the loss of a mature ecosystem.

Partridge Berry, photo: David Fletcher

We demand that this 50 acre mature forest and wetland be protected from development for the benefit of Pointe-Claire citizens and of the environment.

And in doing so, that Cadillac Fairview Corporation and the City of Pointe-Claire live up to their principles and policies of social and environmental responsibility to the community by scaling back the proposed development in order to leave the forest intact. Here is Cadillac Fairview’s “Our Sustainability Program” explained.

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Aerial view of the forest. Notice how little natural spaces are left. Image: Eric Janukavicius
image from AgoraMontréal site

Our mission: To advocate for the protection of

Fairview Forest in its entirety and

educate the public about its intrinsic value.

The Forest

If you take a stroll through the forest, you will find exceptional flora and fauna such as hemlock and beech groves, two vernal ponds as well as the brown snake, migrating birds and butterflies.

Red Trillium, photo: David Fletcher
One of two vernal pools! Vital for the land’s well-being, photo: David Fletcher
Red-backed salamander photo: David Fletcher
The forest in the autumn